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a little history...


We are so glad you chose to climb aboard our website. We hope to have the opportunity of meeting you soon!

Here at Lake Norman Boat Rentals, we feel that it is important for our customers to know a little about us. Planning a family vacation or a special day on the lake is a very important decision and can create the best or the worst memories. At Lake Norman Boat Rentals, we have made it our #1 priority to carefully listen to your needs and desires and help you create the kind of memories that will keep a smile on your face for years to come! So, what is our secret?

Lake Norman Boat Rentals, aka Saltshaker Marine, was started in 1983 on Lake Norman by Captain Sonny Kay.  For many years he spent his life on the “Saltshaker” yacht sailing around the Caribbean. As he sailed, he realized that not everyone had this awesome opportunity and wanted to make a way where people could enjoy the waters as he did for so many years. Captain Sonny chose the beautiful waters of Lake Norman to launch the “Saltshaker”. But, it didn’t stop there… he wanted to make available an even more awesome experiences on the lake and began adding to his fleet. Captain Sonny listened intently to peoples desires and then made a way for them to be fulfilled.

Our secret at Saltshaker Marine isn’t how we rent boats, but by how we care for our customers in making a way for their dreams to come true!

The legacy and secret of the “Saltshaker” on Lake Norman lives on as the owners set sail on this Odyssey that has been going for over 25 years. We hope you will join us as the legacy, aboard the AAA-O Saltshaker Marine, lives on!

We would love to hear from you! Like us on Facebook- Saltshaker Marine! Also, give us a call or send your concerns and suggestions via e-mail. We look forward to meeting all of you!!!


Nichole Moffitt

Company Owner

Nicole is dedicated to customer service and southern hospitality, offering a great time at a reasonable rate.


Becky & Steve


You will find Becky and Steve at the marina assisting our guests every weekend - dedicated to providing you with the best possible experience out on Lake Norman!



Customer Support

Alicia is ready to answer your call to make a reservation today! She can help you pick out a day and time that works best for your family's busy schedule, while offering prices that will work with any budget. Give her a call!

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