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Boat Rentals

  Enjoy a Lake Norman Getaway With Boat Rentals in Mooresville!

Nestled in the heart of North Carolina, Lake Norman is a gorgeous man-made fresh-water lake. Crafted between 1959 and 1964, Lake Norman draws countless visitors every year. One of the premier boating destinations in the state, you can enjoy your own boat rentals on Lake Norman when you head to Saltshaker Marine. If you are interested in immersing yourself within the sunny skies and calm waters of Lake Norman, let the team at Saltshaker Marine help you out!

Saltshaker Marine, also known as Lake Norman Boat Rentals, was first established in 1983 by Captain Sonny Kay. After spending years of his life enjoying calm afternoons on the water, Captain Kay knew that he wanted to offer affordable boat rentals in Mooresville so that others could do the same! Saltshaker Marine prides itself on being a customer-first establishment where affordable boat rentals in Mooresville are only part of the reason that you keep coming back. Saltshaker Marine stands by its premier customer service as they go above and beyond to ensure that you enjoy the time of your life.

Pontoon rentals at Saltshaker Marine require that individuals have a valid driver's license. Individuals must also be over 32-years-old or in possession of their own boating safety license. Also the minimum age is 27 even with a boaters license. Boat rentals are easy to come by during slow seasons, however, peak seasons require that you plan ahead for your trip. Saltshaker Marine offers several types of boat rentals including 24' - 26' pontoons for swimming, fishing, and tubing. Saltshaker Marine also offers rental rates for half-day and full-day accommodations as well as special holiday bookings.

With sunny days all throughout the year, there is never a bad time to swing by Saltshaker Marine for the best boat rentals in Mooresville. Let Saltshaker Marine handle your next family getaway. Reserve your boat online today!

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